Earlier this month, GenomeWeb featured an article entitled, “GenomeQuest Rebrands as GQ Life Sciences, Refocuses on Patent Search Market”.  We’re pleased to have our company’s growth recognized by one of the leading independent science news publications.

Uduak Thomas, who wrote the article, did a great job chronicling our company’s timeline from its early days through the progression of our products that have grown from a database of patented gene sequences, to our foray into analyzing next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, to our most recent product, LifeQuest, which is one of our most ambitious projects yet.

As our portfolio of life science patent search products continues to expand, it’s inspiring to see customers accomplish exciting, even unexpected things that make significant contributions towards helping solve huge, global problems. ADM, one of our customers mentioned in the article, uses our databases to explore patents to look for ways to convert agricultural raw materials into other products, including food for humans, feed for animals, and bioenergy. They’re even using our data to research ways to design probiotic feed inoculants to replace antibiotics for farm animals.

As we head into the new year, our team is excited about the opportunities ahead for our customers. Our development team is working hard to add additional public and proprietary data sources to LifeQuest, starting with peer-reviewed scientific literature. We continue to receive great feedback about the user interface in LifeQuest, and we have some great ideas to make it even better. We’re certain that other exciting new discoveries will be found even faster as researchers discover the power of combining sequence data with full text search results in LifeQuest.

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