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GenomeQuest combines Content, Search, Analysis, and Reporting making it the leading tool for patent sequence search.

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Updated on a weekly basis, the GenomeQuest database, GQ-Pat, is the most comprehensive and up-to-date IP sequence database available.

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GenomeQuest provides users with a way to search patents for biological sequences. GenomeQuest offers a complete set of search algorithms such as BLAST, GenePAST, Motif search and Fragment search, each designed for a specific purpose.

A typical search against our database of over 400 million sequences takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Searches can be set up to run automatically on a weekly basis, alerting you to new activity in patent literature.


An intuitive results browser helps experts quickly make sense of the large number of alignments a search generates.

With a few clicks, users can sort and filter on any combination of fields, from patent annotation such as assignee, priority date, or legal status, to properties of the sequences and sequence alignments themselves.


GenomeQuest produces a full selection of summary and comprehensive reports for the entire research team. Reports can be customized, viewed, printed, and shared with management, fellow researchers, technical leads, and legal experts.

Results and alignments can be sent out to LifeQuest for full-text analysis, or exported to popular document formats including Word, Excel and BizInt for integration into a final research or opinion report.

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