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Your clients depend on your ability to provide strong patent protection and efficient IP research. GQ Life Sciences offers the most comprehensive view of the life science industry.

Your business is intellectual property and you differentiate yourselves by building information-driven IP strategies for your customers.

Yet in the life sciences, rulings like Mayo v. Prometheus and AMP v. Myriad have cast a web of uncertainty over the proper drafting of claims for new applications and the enforceability of claims of existing patents. That leads to even more opportunity for your firm, but plenty of analytical work as well.

LifeQuest can help. Built with a complete index of life science patents where every section of every document is indexed and searchable, it provides the expert patent searcher with the means to examine claims deeply to determine, for instance, whether a claim too broadly preempts a use of a law of nature. Patent documents in LifeQuest can be annotated so that as the patent searcher analyzes individual claims to determine their eligibility, they can memorialize their research in non-assertive colors and stars, and save groups of documents into different libraries for downstream comparison with new search results.

In conjunction with LifeQuest, the GenomeQuest product provides world class searching of sequences in DNA patents, RNA patents, and protein patents. As sequencing gears up through next-generation drugs and diagnostics, using GenomeQuest as a way to search gene patents, antibody patents, and patent sequence search is more important than ever. Myriad makes clear that not all sequence-based claims are treated equally, and this provides your customers opportunities to skirt unenforceable IP and to develop stronger claims for their own inventions. GenomeQuest provides the life science industry the capability to ascertain prior art, patentability, and FTO directly at the biological sequence level, while providing the industry with competitive insights and white space opportunities.