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LifeQuest has a complete, comprehensive database that isn’t found in free tools because GQ Life Sciences has invested heavily to create relationships with data aggregators and global patent offices. Free tools also tend to focus solely on the search and not on the downstream workflow. LifeQuest makes it easy to refine searches, annotate results, produce reports, and share capabilities with colleagues, not to mention while providing security that ensures your searches are not visible on the open Internet, unencrypted.

There are a few solid professional patent search tools available besides LifeQuest. But none of them focus solely on the life science industry, and so they’ll provide large numbers of documents that are irrelevant. (For instance, imagine searching for the mouse gene called slingshot and getting a completely unrelated patent describing a computer gaming mouse that replicates the a motion of a slingshot.) Without a focus on the life sciences, you won’t get specific ontology support to ensure that you aren’t missing documents referring to the concepts behind your query.

Finally, a comprehensive life science search often includes searching biological sequences in addition to pure text or conceptual searching. We have tightly integrated LifeQuest with GenomeQuest so you can perform comprehensive searches across both modalities with ease.

Please see our pricing page.

Yes. You can sign up for a no commitment free trial here.

We’ve extensively documented our approach to building the database. We use CPC codes to identify those documents which our customers tell us are related to the life sciences. If you don’t see a CPC in the list, just ask us and we will add it to the LifeQuest database.

LifeQuest and GenomeQuest subscriptions are separate, however if you have both you gain access to their tight integration.

LifeQuest is used by pharma, biotech, agrochemical, diagnostic, and food companies around the world.

We’re very proud of the great documentation we’ve created and our world-class customer support help users get the most out of their licenses.

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