About Us

GQ Life Sciences, Inc. is a global life science information and search company. Formerly known as GenomeQuest, Inc., we changed our name in September of 2015 to highlight the fact that the product GenomeQuest has become a well-known brand within the industry. GQ Life Sciences is proud to offer its second major product, LifeQuest, alongside its flagship GenomeQuest software.

Driven by a noble purpose

We come to work every day because we are committed to our customers’ mission of building life science products that increase quality of life around the world. Leveraging deep expertise in biology, genomics, and semantics, we provide key search tools to help customers understand the emerging inventions that enable them innovate into the distant future.

Leading our industry by serving industry leaders

Our dedication to serving the life sciences industry with technological innovation and by assembling an incredible team is widely recognized by industry leaders. We serve all top 10 pharmaceutical companies, all five top agrochemical and seed companies, hundreds of biotech companies, law firms, diagnostic labs, and patent offices around the world.

Stewards of the state-of-the-art

We see ourselves as stewards of the state-of-the-art and we are committed to that identity. Why? Because the people who work at GQ Life Sciences believe in the fundamental ability of science to improve the lives of the sick, the hungry, the needy, and of society at large. Loving our jobs makes it easy to work hard, and trusting each other makes it fun. If you agree, we’re always searching for new talent.