When you want to use a DNA, RNA, or protein molecule as a query to search the patent domain, GenomeQuest is the obvious choice.

With over 500 million sequences found in patents indexed, you can be certain your search for DNA patents, RNA patents, and protein patents is as comprehensive as possible. State-of-the-art sequence comparison algorithms put powerful tools for patent sequence search at your fingertips.

Questions GenomeQuest can answer for me

  • Who filed gene patents on CRISPR-CAS9 before 2014?
  • Is this viral vector patentable?
  • Are there antibody patents that limit my freedom to operate in China?
  • How similar is this sequence to sequences in patents published by key competitors?


We’ve extracted over 500 million sequences from more than 1.2 million patents and patent applications and merged them with all of the public domain sequence data such as Genbank. You provide one or more query sequences, either DNA, RNA, or protein, to a patent sequence search and find all of the patents that contain these sequences or sequences similar to them.


In addition to sequence comparison algorithms you may be familiar with like BLAST, GenomeQuest offers the proprietary GenePAST algorithm that is used by patent offices around the world. This algorithm is specifically designed for percent identity calculations, critical in the construction of patent claims, and it has no bias against short sequences in the way that BLAST does.

“Only GenomeQuest combines very comprehensive sequence-based patent content with straight-forward analysis. I highly recommend GenomeQuest to everyone engaged in FTO and prior art analyses concerning DNA or amino acid sequences.

GenomeQuest’s value continues to increase and be well-worth the investment. GenomeQuest is vastly superior to other approaches.”

Libby Bernal, Strategic Asset Portfolio Manager, BASF