Pharma & Biotech

Strong patent protection starts with detailed and efficient IP research. GQ Life Sciences offers the most comprehensive view of the pharmaceutical and biotech landscape.

Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry stands on shoulders of intellectual property rights.

A typical pharmaceutical product takes 10 years and almost $3 billion to produce – an investment no company can make unless they can maintain strong patent protection.

That protection begins with and depends upon the quality, breadth and efficiency of the detailed IP searches performed even before work begins in the lab. That’s why LifeQuest is built with a complete index of life science patents, protecting the discoveries of thousands of pharma and biotech companies. Its ontologies enable the expert searcher to get a complete picture of prior art and FTO. Its ease of use enables the casual searcher to gain fast insights on the state of the art without having to read through tomes of documentation.

In concert, GenomeQuest provides world class searching of sequences in DNA patents, RNA patents, and protein patents. Because these molecules are vital as drug targets, reagents in production processes, and increasingly as drugs themselves, GenomeQuest provides the pharmaceutical and biotech industries the capability to ascertain prior art, patentability, and FTO directly at the sequence level. We index and make available all sequences in gene patents and antibody patents.