The world of sequence variation IP is complicated and confusing, and fraught with legal risk, but there is a solution, as Ellen Sherin of GQ Life Sciences reports. The global market for bioengineered protein drugs is expected to reach $228.4 billion by 2021, up from $172.5 billion in 2016, rising at a compound annual growth…

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Update: GQ-Pat now has over 371 million sequences Back in July we reported that there were 300 million sequences in GQ-Pat, including 256 million nucleotide sequences and over 45 million protein sequences.  And these protein sequences aren’t just automated translations of nucleotides like TrEMBL. All of these sequences are in fact found in patents and patent applications…

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Chinese GMO Approvals Make for IP Opportunities

China’s recent approval of imports of certain genetically modified corn and soybean represents the beginning of a hopeful trend to gain access to their enormous market. According the the U.S. Commerce Department, the Chinese market for U.S. soybeans was $14 billion in 2013, and corn was a significant $3.5 billion.

3 Reasons why you should search Brazilian IP

Brazil has a rapidly growing economy and is highly invested in Biotechnology and the Life Sciences. Understanding the Intellectual Property landscape of Brazil is key for a global life science company’s success. Our whitepaper talks more about biotech patents and an gives an example of how to blast search them.