3 Reasons why you should search Brazilian IP

moissonneuses-reducedBrazil has a rapidly growing economy and is highly invested in Biotechnology and the Life Sciences.

Understanding the Intellectual Property landscape of Brazil is key for a global life science company’s success.

Our whitepaper talks more about biotech patents and an gives an example of how to blast search them.

Here are three reasons why Brazil is a critical component of your IP strategy:

  • World Leader in Agriculture: Brazil is the world’s second largest Agriculture Market in the world.1 Brazil a major exporter of maize and is the world leader in production of soybean, sugar, and coffee.
  • Focus on Biofuels: The country emphasizes the production of biofuels, mainly sugarcane Ethanol. (Pretty sweet.)
  • Licensing and Collaborations: Brazil is a major licensing and collaborations partner in all areas of biotechnology.2 Nearly three quarters of all of its licensed patents originate from its universities and research centers.

Let’s cut to the chase, patents are the most important tools for protecting R&D capabilities in Brazil’s highly competitive biotech sector. US entities – who are responsible for over half the biotech patent filings in Brazil – clearly value protecting their intellectual property there.

We’re here to help. GenomeQuest is pleased to announce a highly comprehensive Brazilian DNA and protein sequences patent archive that is available through GQ-Pat Platinum. GenomeQuest offers a collection of manually-curated documents ensuring the highest accuracy for sensitive biological sequence IP searching, facilitating your freedom to operate.

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