As more and more researchers and IP specialists sign up to use LifeQuest (full-text life science patent search tool), we have been receiving an increasing amount of positive feedback. This made us all feel so good that to say thanks, our team was inspired to create the LifeQuest Search Bar, a free tool that lets even more people try out the LifeQuest search engine, complete with our powerful query builder.


Do you know someone that is working on cutting edge research but needs to (or should be) checking the current patent landscape? Perhaps you’re the one working on a project and want to see how many patents are related to your work. Anyone can perform up to 50 searches without creating an account, right here.

Wondering just how powerful the query builder is? Check out our LifeQuest Tip Sheet to see how easy it is to quickly create a custom search. The LifeQuest Search Bar includes almost all the powerful search tools as the full version of LifeQuest.

Anyone can try it out any time – just type a query and instantly see the patent results. Watch the preview number in the corner too – it counts how many patents would be found before you even click on the search button.

For an even better experience, start a free LifeQuest trial to see how suggested ontology entries for synonym expansion can help you create a more comprehensive query as you type!

Try it today

Tell someone you know or give it a try yourself today! Have some feedback? Send it directly to us at [email protected].

Happy patent searching,
The GQ Life Sciences Team